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Massage reflexology treatment of facial paralysisold

Most of the causes of facial paralysis, or nerve paralysis, number 7 are caused by cold. Oriental medicine called the disease “mouth-watering eyes” means that the mouth is distorted.

Usually the disease happens suddenly, looking in the mirror to see the face deformed to one side.

To detect the paralyzed side, we only need to pay attention that the deflated face is the non-paralyzed side because the paralyzed muscles are pulled harder. The meridian of mercy is also pulled hard on the good side. Patients with facial paralysis when closed eyes, paralysis of the eye is often closed. When smiling, the smile is pulled to the side.

Nasal groove deep groove on the healthy side. The right eye is smaller than the paralyzed eye. When the forehead wrinkles the forehead wrinkles heal more deeply than the paralyzed side. The central canal looks carefully to see the deviation to the right side.

Need to identify the paralyzed side to be able to press acupuncture points or paste medicine into the points on the paralyzed side.

When sick, it should be treated promptly and properly, otherwise the disease can leave sequelae of stiff paralysis, very difficult treatment affecting the health and aesthetics of patients.

Eastern medicine includes many treatments for facial paralysis caused by cold such as acupuncture, reflexology, and medicine. Facial paralysis in the first 3 months can be treated well with acupuncture, electromagnet, hydromagnet, implantable autopsy is considered a positive treatment.

In this article, I would like to introduce to you some simple methods, to help you can associate with the physician during the treatment process.


Use your fingertips to rub along the sides of the nose, from the corner of the eye to the top of the eyebrow, stroking both sides. Each side talked about 10 times.

Apply from the acupuncture point to press the line along the eyebrow to the temple about 10 times.

Day around eye 5-10 times.

Continuing from the grave to the injured about 10 times.

Day around lips 5-10 times.

Rub both cheeks 10 times on each side.

Massage every day, apply acupressure for about 20 minutes until you recover.

Acupressure: Select some acupressure points in the face area:

Far armor: Vented in front of lower jaw angle of about 1 finger width, pressing on the low-lying area feeling angry.

Tu Bach: Using the palms of your fingers to touch the area below the eye, you will discover the depression on the eye socket bone just below the eyelid, the four white points are located directly below the depression about a knuckle. Use your fingertips to move back and forth on both sides of the acupuncture point, you will feel the nose is irritated.

The incense is located next to the nose wings, on the nasolabial groove, about half a hole away from the nose (equivalent to 0.8cm).

Geography: The meeting point of the nose groove and the line across the 2 edges. At the corner of the mouth, about 0.8cm

Cup: Located in the middle of the connection point of the thumb and forefinger. When the thumb and index finger are extended apart, the hand is spread wide like a tiger's mouth, so it is also known as the tiger. Raise your hand, touch the indentation of the point of connection between the index finger and thumb, the deep recess close to the connecting bone is the acupoint.

Pressing Road: Located at the point of intersection of the straight line connecting the two eyebrow arcs with the main road through the bridge of the nose.

Fish lover: The grave is located in the middle of the eyebrow.

Sun temple: It is located between the distance between the outer corner of the eyebrow and the outer corner of the eye. You can use your fingertips to swipe from the corner of the hair in the forehead to the eyes will meet a dent that is the basis for determining the temples of the temple.

DEF: Behind the ears, where the depression between the angle of the lower jaw and the mastoid spine, behind the highest tip of the ear, is close to the anterior edge of the sternum.

Customs: At the back of the neck in the sternum and the external edge of the ladder clinging to the base of the skull, the depression is the vent.

How to use acupressure: Use the tip of the thumb opposite to paralysis to press the acupuncture points. Maybe just click on the paralyzed side and not necessarily on the side. Acupoints only need to press the healthy side, not the paralyzed side, each point should be pressed for 1-3 minutes.

Paste medicine: Use the kind of plaster has been prepared to paste into the points above.

You can apply a combination of all the above simple measures to treat facial paralysis for yourself or a loved one. However, it should be noted that this should only be considered as a combination measure. You should seek medical attention and treatment as directed by a physician.

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