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**Vipassana meditation**

Vipassana (Zen Tue) originated in India, was born by Buddha. This is the type of meditation where you focus your attention on one part of the body first, then slowly move it around the body. While practicing Tue meditation, it is imperative that you sit still, stand straight and be completely quiet for a certain period of time.

**The great benefit of Vipassana meditation**

According to Buddhist history, thanks to the regular practice of Vipassana meditation, thousands of years ago, the monks and ordinary people living in India removed the suffering, fatigue and stress in the life. living.

The effect of meditation is to eliminate negative thoughts and actions and to achieve peace of mind, joy, positive energy in all daily activities and jobs. This is also the great value that meditation brings to people. Helping the mind calm, calm, open and airy. No more restrictive, under pressure in stress, fatigue, stress. Life is always about new, creative and positive things.

Thanks to those great benefits, today, Vipassana has been introduced to many countries in the world such as Thailand, Myanmar, Western Asian countries, Southeast Asia, including Vietnam … And Vipassana meditation is considered as An art that brings fresh and happy life to everyone. As a result, more and more people around the world follow this Tue meditation practice.

**How can Vipassana meditation be effective?**

Usually, when a new discipline comes out, people often sign up for a practice session. Like yoga, gym, aerobics have been buzzing for a while when they started to appear. For the courses, many people also rush to register to practice but they have not prepared psychologically or have not thoroughly studied the courses, leading to the majority giving up or practicing incorrectly, no enough leads not to bring satisfactory results.

Currently, there are many centers, usually Zen Buddhist temples and pagodas that offer Vipassana meditation courses for a week or 10 days, attracting a lot of participants. If you also want to register for the practice and want to achieve the desired results, then you must really want to practice and pursue to lead a more positive and fulfilling life that is not registered. certain spiritual movements or thoughts.

Because with meditation, when you are not sufficiently focused and persistent, along with a determined will, you will not free yourself from the deadlock and stress in life but on the contrary, you can bring yourself more Worry, insecurity on people. Therefore, before determining according to this discipline, you must really study carefully and choose a prestigious and guaranteed meditation place.

As with all forms of meditation or other sports, Vipassana meditation is only really beneficial for your health if you persevere in practice as a daily routine. Meditation may not be difficult, but it requires you to invest time, space and mind. However, once you've pursued to the end, what you get back thousands of times beyond expectations, lost nothing without trying you?

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